Things to do in Oxford


Walk around the university buildings

Of course Oxford is most famous for its university and when you arrive in Oxford, you’ll see why. The buildings are stunning. Walking around the centre of Oxford you will pass the majority of main university buildings, as the colleges are spread across the city.

Oxford University


Oxford university building

The Bridge of Sighs

Shop and eat

Oxford’s centre is full of high street shops and restaurants.

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Including the most beautiful Pret.



Westgate shopping centre is the perfect shopping hub and even has a rooftop terrace with several different restaurants.

Visit the Modern Art Gallery

Entrance to Modern Art Oxford

Oxford’s Modern Art Gallery is free. And tiny. Don’t expect much. It’s got a small shop and cute cafe, but despite its size, the gallery is worth visiting for a exhibit called ‘Speakers’ by Swedish artist Nicolas Party.

Nicolas Party Speakers Oxford museum

Yes. Those are huge heads. Trust me, the exhibit is definitely worth a visit.

Head inside the indoor market


Oxford’s covered market is definitely worth a visit. Inside you’ll find small boutique shops, cafes and… a butcher… be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted!


Overall, Oxford is perfect for a day trip. It’s got beautiful buildings, high street shops, great restaurants, a modern art gallery and…

Wetherspoons Oxford

A great Wetherspoons.


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