One of the biggest questions with travel is the cost. How can you afford it? But, if you look in the right places, travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. After several trips I began to find my favourite websites for finding cheap hotels and apartments, so today I decided to put them all together in a post as a little travel tip list.

How to find cheap accommodation


It’s no secret by now that Airbnb is one of the easiest ways to find cheap accommodation. Airbnb is a website which lists available accommodation according to location, with verified hosts and travellers. Simply enter your destination and it lists all available rooms. These can vary from caravans to single rooms in someone’s house to an outhouse in someone’s garden. There’s a wide variety of room types and locations – even within your preferred area. It’s useful to examine the map location, as some properties are farther out than they initially advertise.

TIP: use the filters to narrow your search – enter your desired price and room type so you don’t have to scour through everything on offer.

I’ve spoken about this website already in my post on how to find cheap flights, which you can read here if you wish. Onthebeach is a really easy to use website, it’s best for package deals, but it totally cuts out the middle man – the travel agent. Because it’s online, you aren’t paying the excess commission, you’re doing the work yourself – but it’s so easy! Simply enter your destination, your desired dates and browse! I’ve found some amazing deals on here, including a five day, all inclusive stay in Crete for £200!

It’s definitely worth a search.


This is the classic cheap option when travelling, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Hostels are a great option if you’re planning on spending full days out sightseeing and just want the basics. I’ve seen hostels as cheap as £6 a night for some destinations – and I’m sure cheaper prices exist. Don’t splurge – this is a totally budget option, it’s worth hunting around online to find the best value.

Book Last Minute

So this isn’t a website, but this tip is important to find the best deals. To truly find cheap accommodation, you should try booking about a month or two before your trip. Hotels don’t want empty rooms, and by this time they’re slashing prices to fill up. Always try to book as late as you can for the best deals.

(If you can) Avoid School Holidays

From my experience, the cheapest months to travel are usually April and May, but you can find some great deals out of the UK’s holiday season. If you can, always avoid the peak weeks – the school holidays, the end of July until the beginning of September are always the most expensive because of the demand, so definitely try to avoid this period.

And most importantly…

Shop Around

Never book the first deal you find, it is always worth searching around for other deals, so be patient, some deals are hidden.


I hope these tips help with your next trip, if you want to find out about how to book cheap flights, you can read my blog post on it by clicking here.