Cambridge is one of the most quintessentially British towns in the country. It’s a British tourist’s haven, it’s got a city and countryside combined feel.


The town is filled with classic British architecture, with black and white buildings and Tudor style buildings. The city also contains many large, grand Cambridge University buildings which are spread out across the city. You can visit some of these buildings and go on tours of the university campus.



Despite its historic look, Cambridge definitely has a city feel, there’s a large shopping centre and many small winding streets filled with everything from high street shops to small independent stores. Expect chain and individual restaurants and a range of coffee shops and bars.



Of course Cambridge is famous for its punt tours along the river Cam, so if it’s warm enough when you visit, definitely take a trip, there’s lots of tour guides and people standing advertising the tours, so you can easily book your trip when you arrive.

There’s also a great Wetherspoons which is well worth a visit for a cheap drink at the end of the day.


Have you ever been to Cambridge? It’s the perfect city to get that classic British feel.

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