Rome is arguably the most romantic city in the world, but whether you’re travelling with your other half or alone, I’ve compiled the 5 best things to do in the city of Rome.

  1. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

This was my favourite experience of my whole time in Rome. You can hear the fountain before you see it, and when you see it… it is so beautiful.


Of course you have to throw a coin in the fountain, two, in fact, traditionally one coin is for love and one is to hope that one day you will return to Rome.


And while you’re in the area…

2. Sample some of the Italian food

Of course, Rome is full of Italian restaurants, and of course you have to try the food in the most authentic place.




3. Wander around the city

This may seem obvious, but to get the feel of a city you have to have a wander around the centre of it.




4. Visit the Colosseum

Rome is famous for its colosseum and it is truly spectacular to see. Snap some pictures during your walk towards it.



5. Enter Vatican City

Obviously, this is technically not in Rome, but if you are in Rome, Vatican City is a must see.


Whether you’re a Catholic or not, or a Protestant or not, or religious or not, you should definitely visit St Peter’s Basilica, it’s free to enter and is a truly stunning building.

St Peter's Basilica




What are your favourite places to visit in Rome?

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