During the summer I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona. Barcelona is a cultural hub, with endless things to do, but here’s the best five I’ve experienced.

1. Watch the Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain Barcelona


Hundreds of people gather to watch the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. As loud music plays, the water lights up and if you’re sat close enough, you even feel a light spray.



Head here to watch the sunset and be in awe of such a beautiful experience. Get there early, as the area quickly fills up with people. But the crowd and wait is more than worth it.

2. Visit Tibidabo

Tibidabo is one of Barcelona’s hidden gems. As you make your way around the city, you can see a tall spire and castle-like building up atop of a huge mountain – that’s Tibidabo.


Religion and amusements combine here as an enormous church is adjacent to an amusement park with views over the whole city.



3. Walk through the city

A fairly obvious one, but for the Barcelona experience, you have to walk the streets. Head to Las Ramblas for one of the main tourist hubs, with markets and street performers lining the streets.




4. Shop

Head over to Maremagnum shopping centre for all of your retail needs. And whilst you’re there…


5. Watch boats at the harbour

Next to the Maremagnum shopping centre is a large harbour filled with boats, the perfect location for a post-shopping wander.


Honorable mentions:

Barcelona Beach

The beach is definitely worth a visit but it can be incredibly busy. The beach can also be full of people trying to sell things to tourists – illegally, so definitely watch out for that.


Have you been to Barcelona? What are your favourite spots?


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