Dublin has always been a major tourist attraction due to its rich culture and vibrant nightlife. After visiting, I discovered many hidden treasures and cheap (or free) things to do.


Things to do:

Go to Temple Bar

Contrary to wide belief, Temple Bar is not just a bar in Dublin, it is actually a dense area filled with bars, shops, cobbled streets, street art and beautiful architecture.


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Although pints are expensive in this area (especially the Temple Bar pub), it’s definitely worth the visit. The area is filled with lively tourists and locals alike and on a sunny day, it’s quite beautiful.

Go to Grafton Street

This place was a must for me to settle my curiosity thanks to Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl, in which he sings ‘I met her on Grafton Street right outside of the bar’. Which bar? What’s the street like? Does it contain the best bars in Dublin? I just had to know.


Contrary to my assumptions, Grafton Street is primarily a shopping area, full of character and slightly more up-market with huge department stores as well as smaller stores.

Go Book Shopping

Dublin has a rich literary heritage and it’s extremely proud of it. Every book shop has an ‘Irish Literature’ or ‘Irish Interest’ section which features its most famous literary exports: Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Bram Stoker to name a few. The famous faces are plastered on buildings, pub walls and fridge magnets in tourist shops. They’re what The Beatles are to Liverpool, literary icons that put Dublin on the map.


Go To Trinity College

Unlike most universities, Trinity College is filled with tourists and even runs tourist tours around the campus.

The huge buildings and vast campus are a must see, especially the famous bell tower.


Walk (or sit) on St Stephen’s Green

We stumbled across St Stephen’s Green by chance and were blown away. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, on a sunny day, this park would be perfect for a relaxing stroll or a recovery sit down (there’s a lot of walking).

Shop in St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

After visiting the green, the St Stephen’s shopping centre is definitely worth a visit.

The centre’s glass architecture makes for stunning viewing even if you’re not into shopping.


Walk along the River

Similarly to London, Dublin has a river, the River Liffey, flowing through the city which is truly beautiful. If you’re short on cash, a walk along the river is worth doing day or night.




Have a Guinness in a local pub

Even if you’re not a big Guinness fan, you must have the local drink in a bar to truly get the Irish experience, a half pint comes in at around 3 euros. But come on, in Dublin it’s necessary drinking.


If you are visiting Dublin, I would recommend visiting each of these places, they filled two days of exploring for me and I loved every minute.


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