If you’re looking for something to do in London this weekend on a budget, you should definitely visit the Tate Modern. The gallery is on the Southbank and is completely free to enter (although some exhibits you have to pay to enter- I never seem to bother with these).

The Tate Modern features some of the most prominent modern artists and artworks, with artists varying from Picasso to George Condo.

By George Condo

By Monet

The gallery’s contents varies massively. There’s obviously some classic paintings like this huge piece by Monet, but there’s also sculptures, such as these spider pieces by Louise Bougeois.

I love visiting the Tate, seeing a collection of creativity is massively inspiring.

One of my favourite pieces: a money tree

Yep, it’s an indoor beach

So if you’re looking for something free to do in London, get a little cultured and visit the Tate Modern, you’ll leave feeling inspired and vitalised.